Factory Signs

Important signs in factories for safety rules.

Factory Signs

In Australia, factory safety signs are crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring workplace safety. Here are some examples and where to use them:

1. Danger Signs: Use these signs to indicate immediate hazards like high voltage areas, chemical storage, or heavy machinery zones. Example: "Danger - High Voltage."

2. Warning Signs: Warn employees about potential hazards or dangerous conditions. Example: "Warning - Slippery Floor."

3. Prohibition Signs: These signs indicate actions that are not allowed to prevent accidents. Example: "No Smoking."

4. Mandatory Signs: Use these signs to highlight actions that must be taken to maintain safety. Example: "Wear Eye Protection."

5. Emergency Signs: Indicate emergency facilities like exits, first aid stations, or firefighting equipment. Example: "Emergency Exit."

6. Fire Safety Signs: Highlight fire exits, extinguisher locations, or fire alarm points. Example: "Fire Extinguisher."

7. General Information Signs: Provide information about safety procedures, rules, or equipment locations. Example: "Safety Instructions."

Remember to place these signs in prominent locations where they can be easily seen and understood by everyone in the factory.

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