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Notice Signs

Notice signs in Australia are used to convey important information or instructions to the public in various locations. Here are some examples of notice signs and where they are commonly found:

1. "No Smoking" signs - These are typically found in public buildings, parks, and transportation hubs to indicate areas where smoking is prohibited. For example, you might see one outside a hospital entrance.

2. "Keep Out" signs - These are often placed on private property or construction sites to indicate restricted access. An example would be a sign on a fence surrounding a construction zone.

3. "Beware of Dog" signs - These are commonly seen on residential fences to warn visitors about the presence of a dog on the property.

4. "No Parking" signs - These are placed along roadsides, in parking lots, and in other areas to indicate where parking is not allowed. For instance, you might see one on a curb in front of a fire hydrant.

5. "Caution: Wet Floor" signs - These are typically placed in public restrooms, supermarkets, and other indoor areas where floors may become slippery. They warn people to watch their step to avoid accidents.

These are just a few examples, but notice signs can be found in many different places across Australia, serving various purposes to ensure safety and convey important information.

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