Warning Signs

Signs that warn of possible dangers.

Warning Signs

In Australia, warning signs adhere to the AS 1319-1994 standards. Here are common types:

1. Danger Signs:
Red background, white text/symbols. Indicates immediate, life-threatening danger.

2. Warning Signs:
Yellow background, black text/symbols. Signals potential hazards requiring caution.

3. Caution Signs:
Yellow background, black text. Warns of hazards causing minor/moderate injuries.

4. Emergency Information Signs:
Green/white signs providing emergency-related information.

5. Mandatory Signs:
Blue background, white text/symbols. Indicates required actions for safety.

6. Prohibition Signs:
Red circle, diagonal line, white background. Forbids specific actions.

7. Electrical Warning Signs:
Yellow background, black symbols/text. Alerts to electrical hazards.

Understanding and adhering to these signs is crucial for promoting safety and preventing accidents in various environments.

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