Workplace Signs

Essential signs in workplaces for safety and regulations.

Workplace Signs

In Australia, workplace safety signs are used to communicate hazards and provide guidance to workers. Here are some common types and where they are used:

1. Danger Signs: Used to indicate immediate hazards. Example: "High Voltage" sign near electrical equipment.

2. Warning Signs: Highlight potential hazards or risks. Example: "Slippery Surface" sign in areas prone to wet floors.

3. Mandatory Signs: Instruct specific actions to ensure safety. Example: "Eye Protection Must Be Worn" sign in areas with potential eye hazards.

4. Prohibition Signs: Indicate actions or behaviors that are not permitted. Example: "No Smoking" sign in designated non-smoking areas.

5. Emergency Information Signs: Provide guidance on emergency procedures and equipment. Example: "Fire Exit" sign indicating the direction to emergency exits.

These signs should be placed in visible locations where the associated hazards are present to ensure the safety of workers and visitors.

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