PPE Signs

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PPE Signs

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) signs
In Australia, PPE signs are used to indicate where personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn to ensure safety. Here are some examples:

1. Hard Hat Area: This sign is used in construction sites or industrial areas where there's a risk of head injury from falling objects.

2. Safety Glasses Required: Found in workshops or laboratories where there's a risk of eye injury from flying debris or chemical splashes.

3. Ear Protection Zone: Seen in noisy environments like factories or construction sites where ear protection is necessary to prevent hearing damage.

4. High Visibility Clothing Required: Typically seen in areas with moving vehicles or heavy machinery to ensure workers are easily seen for safety.

5. Respirator Required: Used in areas with airborne contaminants or hazardous fumes where respiratory protection is needed.

These signs are usually placed prominently at entry points to areas where PPE is required, ensuring everyone entering is aware of the safety measures needed.

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