Storage Statutory Signs

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Storage Statutory Signs

In Australia, storage statutory signs are used to indicate specific regulations or requirements related to storage areas. They're typically found in workplaces, warehouses, and industrial settings. Here are some examples:

1. No Smoking Sign: This sign indicates that smoking is prohibited in the storage area. Example: "No Smoking - Storage Area."

2. Flammable Materials Sign: Warns of the presence of flammable materials and highlights safety precautions. Example: "Flammable Materials - Keep Away from Ignition Sources."

3. Restricted Area Sign: Indicates that access to the storage area is restricted to authorized personnel only. Example: "Restricted Area - Authorized Personnel Only."

4. Emergency Exit Sign: Shows the location of emergency exits in the storage area. Example: "Emergency Exit - Keep Clear."

5. Hazardous Chemicals Sign: Warns of the presence of hazardous chemicals and provides safety instructions. Example: "Hazardous Chemicals - Wear Protective Equipment."

These signs help maintain safety standards and compliance with regulations in storage facilities across Australia.

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