Parking Signs

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Parking Signs

In Australia, parking signs are used to regulate parking in various areas. Here are some common types and examples:

1. No Parking: Indicates areas where parking is prohibited at all times. Example: "No Parking - Tow Away Zone".

2. Time-limited Parking: Specifies the duration one can park in a certain area. Example: "2 Hour Parking Zone - Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm".

3. Disabled Parking: Reserved for vehicles with valid disability permits. Example: "Disabled Parking Only - Permit Required".

4. Loading Zone: Designated for loading and unloading of goods. Example: "Loading Zone - 15 Minute Limit".

5. Clearway: No stopping or parking during specified times to keep traffic flowing. Example: "Clearway - No Stopping, 7am to 7pm".

These signs are typically placed conspicuously at the entrance of parking areas or along streets to inform drivers of the parking regulations in that area.

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