Safety Signs:

1. Mandatory Signs:
- Description: These signs indicate actions that must be taken to comply with safety regulations or procedures.
- Example: "Eye Protection Must Be Worn" or "Hard Hats Must Be Worn in This Area."

2. PPE Signs (Personal Protective Equipment):
- Description: These signs remind individuals to wear specific protective gear in designated areas or during certain activities.
- Example: "Safety Gloves Must Be Worn" or "Respirator Required in This Area."

3. Prohibition Signs:
- Description: These signs convey actions or behaviors that are strictly prohibited within a certain area or context.
- Example: "No Smoking" or "No Entry Without Authorisation."

4. Notice Signs:
- Description: These signs provide general information or instructions regarding safety protocols, procedures, or guidelines.
- Example: "Emergency Assembly Point" or "Report All Accidents Immediately."

5. Danger Signs:
- Description: These signs warn individuals of immediate hazards or dangers that pose a significant risk to health or safety.
- Example: "Danger: High Voltage" or "Danger: Flammable Materials."

6. Caution Signs:
- Description: These signs alert individuals to potential hazards or risks that may not be immediately life-threatening but still require caution.
- Example: "Caution: Wet Floor" or "Caution: Hot Surface."

7. Hazard Signs:
- Description: These signs indicate the presence of specific hazards or dangerous substances in the vicinity.
- Example: "Hazardous Chemicals Storage Area" or "Biological Hazard: Authorised Personnel Only."

8. Security Signs:
- Description: These signs communicate security-related instructions or restrictions to ensure the protection of people and property.
- Example: "Restricted Area: Authorized Personnel Only" or "Surveillance Cameras in Use."

9. Road Signs and Traffic Signs:
- Description: These signs regulate the flow of traffic, provide directions, warn drivers of hazards, and convey other important information on roads and highways.
- Example: "Speed Limit 60 km/h" or "Pedestrian Crossing Ahead."

 Statutory Signs:

1. Fire Safety Signs:
- Description: These signs indicate the location of fire safety equipment, emergency exits, and other fire-related information to ensure swift and safe evacuation in case of fire.
- Example: "Fire Extinguisher" or "Fire Safety Door: Do Not Obstruct"

2. Emergency Exit Signs:
- Description: These signs indicate the nearest emergency exit routes to be used in case of fire or other emergencies.
- Example: "Emergency Exit

3. Gas and Water Statutory Signs:
- Description: These signs identify the location of gas and water valves, meters, or other equipment, as well as provide safety instructions related to their use.
- Example: "Gas Shut-Off Valve" or "Gas and Water Meter."

4. Parking and Storage Signs:
- Description: These signs regulate parking areas, loading zones, and storage spaces to ensure orderly and safe use of the premises.
- Example: "Reserved Parking: Visitors Only" or "No Parking: Fire Lane."

5. Door Statutory Signs:
- Description: These signs provide information related to the usage and operation of doors, including warnings about automatic closing mechanisms or security measures.
- Example: "Automatic Door: Use Caution" or "Keep Door Closed at All Times."

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