Statutory Signs

Get BCA Compliant Statutory Signs in Australia

Statutory Signs

BCA-approved statutory signs are essential for ensuring safety and compliance with Australian building standards. Here are some examples of where you might use these signs in Australia:

1. Gas and Water Meter Signs: These signs are typically placed near gas or water meters to indicate their location and to remind individuals to keep the area clear for maintenance purposes. For example, a sign stating "Gas Meter - Keep Clear" or "Water Meter - No Parking."

2. Fire Safety Door Do Not Keep Open Signs: These signs are placed on fire safety doors to remind people not to prop them open, as this could compromise fire safety measures.

3. Emergency Exit Signs: These signs are placed above emergency exit doors to clearly mark the way out in case of an emergency. They often include the word "EXIT" with an arrow pointing towards the exit.

4. No Smoking Signs: These signs are placed in areas where smoking is prohibited, such as inside buildings or near flammable materials. They typically feature the universal no smoking symbol along with the text "No Smoking."

5. Danger Signs: These signs are used to warn people of potential hazards in the area. For example, a sign near electrical equipment might say "Danger - High Voltage."

6. First Aid Signs: These signs indicate the location of first aid kits or facilities in case of emergencies. They often feature the universal first aid symbol along with the text "First Aid."

7. Accessible Facilities Signs: These signs indicate facilities that are accessible to people with disabilities, such as accessible toilets or ramps. They typically feature the wheelchair symbol along with the relevant text.

Remember, it's important to consult with local regulations and building codes to ensure that the signs you choose are compliant with Australian standards and appropriate for the specific environment in which they will be used.

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